Creative Use of Columns on Instagram

by Britta

I’ve been a long-time fan of the NY City Ballet’s creative use of the three-column grid on Instagram. One image continues onto another – sometimes right next to it, other times on top – requiring several other posts in between and therefore some well-ahead planning. If you like to create a similar feed, you could try this app.
News Blog NYCB
News Blog NYCB 2

I’ve often used a similar concept for newsletter designs. This method triggers the reader to scroll down and reveal the full content and newsletter information.

Here are two examples of newsletters I’ve created for fashion-webshop Luxengo. Instead of one image for each category-link, I’ve used only one main image, split up into several smaller ones. Nice little side effect: We only had to buy one stock image instead of six.

There are many platforms where this concept might work well. Have you tried it on any other social media channels?

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