Minimal Ads

by Britta

Taschen Bauhaus Tischlampe

I recently came across this ad from 1925, featured in Taschens’ book about the bauhaus period. It was deliberately factual, describing the technical highlights only. It appears almost naive in comparison to the complex colorful ads we’re used to today. Rom magazine though, is now trying a new (old) approach. As described in this article, their ads regain credibility through limiting their clients’ freedom in design.


I agree that sometimes less is more. Too much blabla distracts from the core message and good design needs a clear focal point. Our lesson: Nothing stands out if everything is highlighted as important. Also, when designing an ad, have in mind where it’s published. On a static website it might need some bling and a spread in an otherwise black and white newspaper might gain attention with a colourful design and bold typography. When advertising in a high-gloss magazine though, a design-reduced ad with white background will often be your best choice.

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