Hello Out There!

I feel for our local shops and industry, facing financial loss on a large scale. Our business starts to be affected too, but so far we’re doing ok. 

Thanks to everyone out there keeping our infrastructure and care system going! But… I still have friends and colleagues who have to go to the office for work, that could be done from home. Why? Now’s the time to install digital communication platforms and to allow your employees more flexibility (shout out to working moms and dads).

Please stay in touch (virtually) and most of all… stay healthy!

My Work Lunch Ritual

by Britta

I often meet clients over lunch or catch up with other designers to grab some food while sharing advice on our latest projects. Luckily, I have a network of professional creatives who enjoy similar job arrangements and value the opportunity to get each other’s opinion. We look at our work-in-progress projects and discuss new ideas. Yesterday, I caught up with Sarah at the Apartment in Linden (Hanover). It’s a new cafe, featuring a fantastic mural by Engstfeld, shown in the image above = Good Coffee with nice inspiration on the side ;)

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