Branding für Großveranstaltung

UTS Open Day / Grundstudiengänge

Veranstaltung mit 20.000 Besuchern. Werbung mit Anzeigen, Poster und Email-Marketing sowie diverse Broschüren, Merchandising-Artikel, Schilder, Karten und Bühnenbanner für den Veranstaltungstag.

Außerdem Design für eine Smartphone-App mit Veranstaltungsprogramm zur Navigations- und Planungshilfe für Besucher des ‘UTS:Open Day’.

Das sagt der Kunde – Janice Ly, Marketing & Commmunications Manager, Future Students

„Among many, one of the major projects we collaborated on was designing the look and feel for our annual ‚Open Day‘ – an event that attracts over 20,000 students. Britta worked on the branding for the event and rolled it across multiple platforms including digital and print advertising, flyers, event program and signage, exhibition booths, and design for a smart phone app.

Britta also designed our annual undergraduate course guide – a brochure that is given to all prospective students. This guide had a print quantity of 60,000, and Britta managed the production of this guide all the way from early design concept stage to management of print. This particular guide received numerous positive feedback from both our customers (students) and internal stakeholders as it gave UTS a unique look and feel to that of our competitors, whilst ensuring it captured the essence of our brand.

Both projects required Brittas extensive design, technical, and organisational skills, of which she – as always – delivered.“