How to Keep Up With Your Kids Artwork

I have two little artists at home, creating drawings on a daily basis. Some of them are beautiful stand-alone pieces. Many others are smaller, half done doodles. At the end of the year, we normally go through their portfolio and decide which ones to keep and what to do with the other pile – too many to store, too precious to toss. Any ideas?

My son suggested to cut out all the smaller individual pieces and glue them onto colored cardboards. That way we created several large collages. The biggest one fits a 720 x 1000 cm picture frame and now takes pride on my office wall.


We created differently themed sections: Fishes (and some unidentifiable creatures) into the pond. Flowers onto the lawn. Cars and trucks behind each other („in a traffic jam!“). Butterfly and monsters, flying in the sky ;)

Another thing we often do is, reuse the artwork as wrapping paper for family and our kid’s friends presents.

I also really like the idea of conserving your kid’s artwork in an annual photo book like this. Or check out this dad’s work, adding his own artistic touches to his kids drawings.

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